Website design

I pay attention to the details of your online presence in terms of look, feel and content arrangement. I have a large selection of templates for you to choose from. Alternatively, I can custom design a template for you. I can also enhance an existing template, if you already have one.

Application development

I provide you with a fully functioning website. Your website back-end has the mechanism working behind the scene, taking care of the hard work and saving you the manual handling effort while your website front-end interacts with your customers.

My web development strategies are focused in the following three orientations:

  1. User defined requirements: I develop applications to satisfy your specific requirements
  2. Business activity based: we analyse your business processes and identify your system requirements, assisting you in achieving your business objectives
  3. Application based: I provide application support and customisation based on your existing applications

Database development is usually part of web development when constructing a dynamic website. I can design new databases for you from scratch or expand from your current databases. I have the expertise in designing queries for large and complex databases. I take security measures into account when designing the applications.

Web services

I develop web services that will enable your website to answer queries from other websites so that your system can communicate and collaborate with other systems autonomously.

Data processing

I can help you migrate “hard to digest” data resources to databases from a variety of formats including XML, CSV, Excel, Word, PDF, plain text, etc. I have the programming capability to extract the data and compile the meaningful information you are after.